Foxtrackr IP use our firmware in your own products

Foxtrackr firmware is delivered in the different Foxtrackr devices but it can also be delivered on its own to be integrated on you own electronic design on the compatible components. This product is identified as FOXTRACKR-IP.

Foxtrackr firmware is an enhanced positioning and activity monitoring solution supporting multiple mode and able to be re-configured remotely over the Sigfox network. We have made a particular effort on the energy consumption by optimizing the GPS algorithms for keeping hot/fast positioning as much as possible, for preserving batteries on bad GPS coverage… making our solution one of the more efficient of the market.

Monitoring Mode

This mode allows a regular location report whatever the activity is. From 1 fix on every 15 minutes to 1 fix on every weeks it allows to keep an eyes on an asset.

Activity Mode

This mode allows to report a location at a specific frequency from 10 minutes to once a day of an asset in movement. The movement detection is a trigger to enable this mode and obtain a precise location on regular basis.

Idle Mode

This mode, used in relation with activity mode allows battery saving for tracking an assets not moving or resting part of the time. A specific report frequency from 15 minutes to days allow to keep an eyes on non moving objects.

OnRequest Mode

This mode is enabled remotely and requests the device to start an active tracking : on your request the device will report its location on high frequency from 1 per minute. This mode has to be used in respect of the duty cycle regulations. This mode is allowing to actively search and find a moving object.

Trip Mode

This mode is working as a complement of the other mode, during a trip it records the duration and the distance as the start and stop position. These information are reported at end of the trip.

Alarming Mode

This mode (usable in parallel of others mode) allows to have a specific position & alert reporting on particular events like : choc detection, geofencing, push on a button, movement, end-of movement, temperature level …

Over the different geolocation function offered by the firmware, it is also supporting activity reporting functions :

Activity Level

This mode is enabled with all the positioning mode and it reports the activity time and level measured between two position report. Based on precise accelerometer it can work on vibration detection like on larger acceleration. An activity level indicator is completing the report.

Activity Report

This specific mode is allowing to capture the movement activity of the tracker on hourly basis with a detail of a couple of seconds. The activity is divided in 3 configurable levels : no activity, low activity and high activity.

Some other informations are reported by the firmware


A +/- 4┬░C temperature is reported by the device on every positon report.

Battery Level

The battery level is reported on every position report and allows to react and anticipate the low battery events.

Low Battery Mode

When the battery level is too low, the device is reducing drastically its energy consumption by continue to be able to receive OnRequest tracking orders.

Communication Protocol

Our firmware is communicating on the Sigfox network with our proprietary protocol, this one is evolving version after version and is really rich with tense of different messages type. Foxtrackr backend is managing this complexity and propose a standard and sustainable interface for your project. This API offers PUSH and PULL integration for you service and designed to be fully transparent and white branded to your customer.


Our firmware is actually supporting Telecom Device SoC and is directly implemented in the Telecom Device SoC for pricing and energy efficiency. it also makes our tracker smaller. It can be implemented in any TD1204 an TD1205. You can install it on our own hardware or on your own hardware.
For a free test, you can get all the informations following this link.

Custom Solutions

Our firmware is continuously evolving, based on our roadmap and the discussion we have with our client. We can implement specific function for covering a specific need you have, as we can add external electronics for capturing a specific information you need. Depend on if your need is specific to you or will be integrated in the main branch of our firmware we are proposing really low cost approach.