Foxtrackr CLOUD get back your datas

Foxtrackr cloud service is offering a quick & easy access to your device data : Sigfox communication is a byte efficient communication where all the information are compressed and hard to decode.

Foxtrackr cloud is breaking this limit by making it easy for you : our devices are communicating with you based on json messages, easy to read, easy to process. It allows you to quickly create your own vertical application based on any web, mobile or client technologies ( Angular.JS, React.JS, Java, C# … ).

Foxtrackr cloud is a safe place where your device data are stored and accessible. The Foxtrackr cloud is offering two way for integrating with your application :

  • The pull API based on JSON standard REST communication allowing to request data on the fly the information you need. This API allows to quickly build dedicated frontend on the technology you want (js, php, java, swift …).
  • ┬áThe push API based on MQTT transporting JSON allows you to get in real time the informations transmitted by the devices to store them into your own database and create your application based on local data. MQTT is an IoT standard for message queuing offering quality of service in the transmission as guaranty of deliverability allowing synchronous and asynchronous integration.

Foxtrackr cloud also manage device rights, device status, device alerts and makes the integration with Sigfox easy and transparent for you.